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    i spent a long time trying out dog foods for my over weight lab/collie. when i got her almost 2 years ago she had issues with her joints & she has always been over weight, i finally decided on acana light & fit. the reasons i decided on acana was the high glucosamine & i really liked the reviews i read on it. she does really well on the food she has no joint issues anymore & cutting down her food mixed with pumpkin & other friuts & veggys she has been loosing weight nicely. but latley i have been finding it harder & harder to get my hands on acana all the stores close to me seem to always be running out. I’m not sure what food is smilar?

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    I can’t answer about what is similar but we adopted a dog that needed to lose almost half her weight. We used Wellness Core’s reduced fat, feeding her the amount for what she *should* weigh.
    I am not sure but I thought I heard people say that sometimes the glucosamine that is in dog food is baked away, so to speak; maybe someone can answer this but you may want to give her a separate supplement.

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    I think that soon all the food shortages that Champion has been experiencing will be a thing of the past. Now that they have their kitchen repaired, they are back in full production, so soon it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

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    I would supplement with a hip and joint supplement anyways. Especially since you said she was or is having issues.

    Here are a few companies that I’ve looked into and I’ve heard of others using.
    Welly Tails
    Vet’s Best
    K9 Joint Strong

    And also a link to a thread I had started that has good information from Hound Dog Mom on joint supplements.

    As far as a food similar to Acana I’m not sure on that.

    If it was me I would just find a good dog food high in protein, low in fat (since you said she was overweight) and add the hip and joint supplement instead of trying to find a food you think might have the appropriate levels to support healthy joints along with low fat and high protein. But I am certainly no expert so perhaps others will chime in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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