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    Nancy M

    I would like to know what anyone would suggest as far as feeding probably any dog, but in this particular case, puppies; one being about 5 months old and the other about 10 weeks old. They are both miniature Aussies, one being pretty high energy. Isn’t the objective, besides good nutrition, to feed a food that has high digestibility? These two pups are my daughter’s and currently on a Diamomd brand puppy food. In my opinion, that’s the first problem. But secondly, in order to minimize a yard full of stools, which seems to be never ending, isn’t a food high in digestibility, the goal here. It’s pretty apparent to me (and her) that this food, and many that would do the same, is pretty much going right through them, along with much of the value and nutrition, as well. Cost will be a factor I’m sure, but surely there’s something better than Diamond, but won’t be out of the ballpark in $$$$$$$?????

    Suggestions, please.
    Thanks Much! Your advice and assistance will be much appreciated!

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    Go to Victor’s site and use their store locator to see if you can get it somewhere near you. This is a good and economical food. Earthborn Holistic also has some good foods at a good price. Also look at Eagle and Pro Pac.
    Rotating foods is best from a gut health standpoint. Maybe if you can find a few economical food to try you could also afford to rotate in a better, more expensive food sometimes.

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