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    My small dog recently had surgery to remove a very large mass that turned out to be malignant ( 🙁 ) and was attached to her intestines. She had lost a significant amount of weight and was having some digestive problems. She’s doing well with her recovery, of course we don’t know if/when it will come back, but in the mean time I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what type of food may be best for her. For the days immediately after surgery I went ahead and used the canned i/d, they wanted her on a “bland” diet and she ate it fine with her pills, but now I’m anxious to get her off of that! In the past I switched between mostly Merrick and Canidae grain free dry foods with her, different flavors. Do I need to find something more easily digestible, does it matter, does anyone have any experiences? Thanks for any input!

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    Hi Jamie, I would be feeding a wet tin food or home cooked meals now, wet will be easier for her to digest then a kibble……. I cook chicken breast cut up into small pieces & brought to the boil then the chicken is normally ready, don’t boil the chicken pieces they will be like leather, I rinse any fat off the chicken pieces with boiled jug water, I cool, then I make 1/2 cup & 1 cup cooked chicken in plastic seal bags then put 2-3 in the fridge & the rest in freezer, I boil one cut up potato in small pieces that last 2-3 days in the fridge in a sealed container, some boiled broccoli, some boiled zucchini, carrots & I boil half a butter nut pumkin & freeze small pieces of the pumkin, the frozen pumkin thaws quickly, all these foods can be cooked then frozen & taken out the night before for the next day meals…..I put chicken & veggies all in a blender & blend for a few seconds then warm blended in micro wave then add any vitamin powder etc

    See how she does when she comes home on the cooked bland diet first, then if poos are firm & she isn’t having any wind pain while digesting the cooked meal then you can add 1/2 a small tin of salmon in spring water, drain spring water, I add the salmon with the breakfast chicken meal, I also add 1/2 teaspoon DigestaVite Plus 100 powder, its Vitamins & minerals to balance the meal, also omega 3,6 & 9 oil is good, add a squirt to meal, its good for skin coat & stomach…I didn’t add no vitamins etc when I first started the cooked diet cause Patch has IBD & I needed to know if any of the ingredients I was adding would give him diarrhea, pain, acid reflux etc….Vet said he’ll be fine eating an un balanced diet for 1 month till I work out what he can eat & can’t eat…….

    Having a small dog you wouldn’t need to cook much, over time you can slowly start adding some foods you are cooking for yourself as long as dogs can eat them…. white meats are easier to digest, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Rabbit….
    Canidae make wet tin foods, also Dave’s Pet Food is suppose to be good…..

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    Thank you Susan! So far, so good. She did great post-surgery and is now back on “normal” food. I bought some cans of wet Whole Earth Farms food, as I had tried them with her in the past and she did well. I’ve also been giving her a little dry food (Canidae) when I give it to my other dog, as she seems to love it, too… She has gained a pound since surgery (was down to 13lbs after tumor removal) and is full of energy. I hate to think about the tumor coming back in the future but I’m glad she seems to be enjoying her life now!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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