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    Samantha H

    I recently adopted a 2.5 year old Boston Terrier named Pennie. She was living in a bad situation with an elderly man who was suffering from his own medical issues and unable to take care of her. Since she’s been with me, she has really opened up and showing her personality.

    When she was at the shelter, she was eating Orijen, so I got a bag of the 6 fish variety since that’s what she was used to. Her nose was always lightly pink. However the pink got really bright pink and she started to develop a rash on her chest with little red dots. This is all along with some scratching and paw licking.

    I was shopping around and got some free samples for Performatrin Ultra Chicken and Brown Rice. I started feeding her that to try to pinpoint the source of the allergy (if it even is food). The chicken and rice has salmon meal in it but is mostly a different protein base, so I figured I’d start there. It hasn’t been that long but her nose is back to the light pink and the rash is almost clear. Side note, I noticed that her stool is firmer and less with the chicken and rice than with the 6 fish. I could be imagining it but I think the scratching is also less, but the paw licking is the same.

    I’m very glad to see the benefits with the new food but Performatrin Ultra chicken and brown rice only has a 3.5 star rating here and it’s over $60 for a 30 lbs bag. That’s a little too expensive for me, especially when I know there are better foods out there. I would prefer at least 4-4.5 stars. So my question is that is there a better food out there that has a similar profile that’s not as pricey?

    I was really looking into Victor brand since I’ve only read good things about it and it’s much more economical. There’s a local vendor by me.

    Any recommendations? Thank you!

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    Try NutriSource. They have a small and medium breed food that’s pretty similar, and it’s not too badly priced.

    I’ve also heard good things about Victors, but it’s not available near me, so I’ve not tried it on my guys.

    Wellness Toy Breed Complete Health also has a good line going. Its chicken and grains. No fish in that particular line. They do have other foods with fish in them, though, as well as various forms of grain free (CORE and some of the Simple).

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    Hi Samantha,

    Sweet little Pennie has had some challenges. I bet she’s been lonely. I’m sorry that the elderly gentleman had to release her, but am glad she has found a living home with you. I hope he’s doing OK without her.

    When it comes to fish, I feel your pain. It’s everywhere. I’ve tried several different types of fishes and fish oils, but my dog reacted to all of them. It is very difficult to find a fish free food. I’ll be reading an ingredient panel and think it looks good and then down at the bottom of the list I’ll see menhaden meal or salmon oil. It’s frustrating, I know. My dog has some other intolerances that make more challenging.

    If I’m not mistaken, the only Victor that’s an option is Lamb & Brown Rice. That’s quite a step down from Orijen Six Fish. I have used, with great success, Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets. I know there are more options than those I’ll list, but those that I’ve found have to exclude other ingredients beyond fish…, so a couple more recommendations are Addiction Viva La Venison, Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear (the original, not the Singles), The Honest Kitchen Thrive, and Canidae Pure Sky (I HATE that it’s a Diamond product, but it works for my dog so I use it sparingly) and Wysong Fundamentals.

    I’ll see what others I can come up with.

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