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    Jaime B

    I have a year old Westie. When he was a puppy he was put on science diet by the suggestion of my vet. He didn’t really care for it (he’d pick at it, take forever to eat it). When he turned a year, after a lot of research, I put him on Canidae Pure Elements Lamb and Rice Grain Free. He seems to really like it. His coat on his head seems to be getting thicker (we started having him hand stripped so maybe that is helping too) but he went from pooping twice a day to now pooping 4-5 times. He only eats once in the evening (around 5pm). His poop is normal – not runny – but he may poop 3 times in the morning or 3 times in the evening. It’s hard to keep up and know when he’s “done” so we’ll fine it in the house. I thought maybe I should switch him to another food but I’m not sure. Can I add a probiotic or something to it? Any advice is much appreciated! I’ve had carins in the past – on Taste of the Wild/grain free. After a year old, fed them once a day and they’d poop twice a day. So I’ve never had this increase in poop before.

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    Good for you for making the switch to a better food! I would definitely try some probiotics. The Honest Kitchen makes a great goat’s milk powder that’s easy to mix into food and contains multiple strains of probiotics. Mercola Healthy Pets makes a Spirugreen supplement that greatly helped my dog in achieving normal poos, too. Lamb is a pretty rich meat so it may just be your dog is reacting to that. Any food with rice in it came out in very large, almost double-the-sized lumps back when I was feeding kibble. I’m not sure if rice expands as it digests when it is a kibble ingredient, but that may be part of the cause, too.

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    Lisa B

    I have my 42 lb Staffie/Shepherd mix on Canidae Pure Bison formula and she poops a lot too and it is soft most of the time. I would like to find one she likes as well that doesn’t have this effect. Thinking of Taste of the Wild but there are some scary reports of dogs sick on it.

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