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    Jessica R

    Hi guys. Ginger is 9 spayed and in great health last Friday afternoon and Saturday morning she urinated in my my house. She’s been on the lethargy side as well. She normally is fed Lamb and rice rotational Canidae, Taste of Wild ect I introduced Evo Red Meat in for high protein conten t Wednesday and Thursday and boom
    Took her in Saturday morning blood work came back alp 221 BUN 36 cr 1.4 bc 9,6700 het 47/. Vet gave rimidol says maybe arthritis. I assumed kidney related with issues pointing and know high protein foods aren’t beneficial. What do you suggest? I have no idea I read about low phosphorus food and a cleanse so I processed spinach in with her food. I don’t want to fail her. I don’t know what food to buy her we see a different vet tomorrow so I can have another set of eyes check out the results. Any suggestions please

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    If it was my dog, I would not play with the diet right now. I would go by what the vet that has examined her recommends and try to keep her food on the bland side. I would stick with just one dog food that agrees with her (at least until she is stable).
    I would also consider consulting a veterinarian that is an Internal Medicine Specialist (board certified).

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    Did they check a urine sample?

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    I just wanted to add, make sure she is getting enough water, a lot of dogs don’t. I would add water to her meals, unless your vet advises different. Most dogs just lap up the water to get to the food. Adequate hydration is a good thing, especially for seniors and dogs that are prone to UTIs/bladder stones. And offer her frequent bathroom breaks, opportunities to urinate…at least every 4 hours.

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