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    Roy F

    Can large (Golden Retriever) and small (Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel) handle the same food

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    Can Shaquille O’Neal and Danny Devito handle the same food?

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    The only issues with size are if the dog can handle the size of kibble and if the large breed is a puppy, making sure the food has the right calcium levels for a growing large breed.

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    I have a Golden and a Cavalier also.

    Mine can easily eat the same things. They often don’t because I’m always trying something different and have limited choices for my Golden because of his food intolerances.

    That said, I do look out for a couple of things. Both breeds gain weight easily, so if you’re feeding a high calorie food, be sure to closely watch your Cavalier’s portions. Watch them both, of course, it’s just easier to overfeed when the portion is tiny to begin with. And, I prefer smaller kibble. I don’t care for large breed formulas that have large size kibble for my Golden and would never feed it to my Cavalier.

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    Aprille L

    I am looking for a dry food for my Cavalier King charles spaniel, he is 8 years old, has skin allergies

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    I don’t know what you mean by “skin allergies”. Perhaps you mean environmental allergies.
    If your dog has a sensitive stomach or food sensitivities, he may do well on Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea, as a base. My neighbor has a Cavalier mix with a sensitive stomach that does well on Fromm products.

    PS: Use the search engine here to look up “allergies” for more info.

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    We need to know exactly what your dogs issues are & what you’re currently feeding.

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