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    kassie m

    Hi, my Siberian husky had his first seizure during thanksgiving last week. He just turned 2. The vet was unable to pinpoint a cause, but I would like to be cautious and proactive moving forward while I monitor him for more seizures.

    He’s been eating Earthborn holistic primitive with raw eggs, raw meats and bones given as other meals. I read that Rosemary is bad for seizures so I switched him to Acana singles duck and pear, despite my disdain for the legume content. I’m looking for suggestions on anything that might be better or if someone could look at this food and let me know what they think? I’ve also been told poultry could be bad for seizures? I am berg information overwhelmed and just want the best for my boy. 🙂 thanks.

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    Seizures in canines are often idiopathic (unknown cause) and genetic. It’s neurological. Like a brainstorm that will occur at certain intervals, of course sensitivities could trigger, things like thunderstorms can lower the seizure threshold.
    Probably best to avoid unnecessary additives and chemicals and make sure the dog is getting adequate exercise.
    If he has more than 1 seizure a month the vet will advise medication, this is necessary and will help him.
    Uncontrolled seizures can lead to brain damage, not to mention the suffering and confusion the dog experiences.
    I had a dog with seizures that lived to old age on a daily low dose of phenobarbital. Listen to your vet regarding diet recommendations, I didn’t avoid any particular foods. However, a simple ingredient food might make sense. I like Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea
    Also, ask your vet about a rabies vaccine waiver, he may qualify, if he is diagnosed with a neurological disorder. He is at the age (young adult) where seizures tend to appear.

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    the only thing I can offer is that I’ve heard that rosemary is a no-no.

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    colleen v

    Thanks for the rosemary tip. I didn’t know that

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