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    Tamra S

    I have a 4 year old male Dalmation who had a urinary stone problem at age 1. After doing a lot of research on this topic over the 20 years we’ve owned male Dals, 3 years ago I settled on Blue Buffalo BASICS (Grain Free) Salmon and Sweet Potato dry kibble for him. He has not had a stone issue since. The past two years I have been VERY disappointed in this product, but I have been too afraid to make a change. I WILL NOT put him on Hills Science Diet or the like “tailored” for dogs with this issue because they are absolutely out of my price range. I feed my other dogs premium dog food (Merrick Grain Free) so I have no problem with a 25lb bag costing $50 – $55.

    My Dal has suffered digestive issues several times over the course of his BB diet, always within a day of having opened a new bag. His coat is dry and dull. He and his Basenji sister have dry, dull coats and both have taken to eating poop whenever they are outside. I want to get them both off of BB as I read that they do not have a “Fixed Formula” and I have certainly seen the effects in all my dogs due to ingredient variances.

    Does anybody have any experience with transitioning a male Dal with a history of stone formation to another brand of dog food and, if so, what do you recommend?

    Tamra S.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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