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    Cathy H

    My adult female Australian Shepherd has recently begun licking her feet and now the fur around her toes and pads is turning reddish brown. She is licking her hind feet to the point of skin irritation. The vet has suggested that this is a food allergy. Suggestions as to what I should be looking at avoiding in her diet. She is currently on Exclusive Chicken and Rice.

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    Jane E
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    Hi Cathy, my boy gets the same, the best way to find out what she is allergic too is to do an Elimination diet home cooked, if you don’t want to do your own home cooked elimination diet, then use 1 of the vet diets either Hills z/d or Royal canine Hypoallergenic or the Allergenic… the vet will know which one is best for her to try, they don’t stay on the vet diet for ever, just 2-3 months, once on the vet diet & there’s no scratching or red paws you add 1 new food to her diet, say boiled chicken as a topper & see does she start to scratch & lick her paws. I’d say there’s something either in the Exclusive chicken & rice or if your given other foods like treats that is making her lick her paws…..but once you work out what makes her itch, then you can find a new premium food, best is the Limited ingredient foods…
    Patches new vet is starting to think Patch cant eat chicken cause I had to put Patch on the the Hills Low Fat GI Restore wet cause he has gotten real ill this last month & its just Pork & turkey & his red itchy paws have gone away, I’ve restarted him on his vet diet kibble 2 days ago & it has chicken & his paws are red again & he’s been licking them, so maybe try a limited ingredient kibble without any chicken or chicken fat & see how she goes….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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