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    I’ve learned from this site some very valuable things. Most importantly feeding variety by rotating foods and that canned food on average is more healthy than kibble. It seems so obvious now. Why did we believe for so many years that you should keep feeding the same food forever and that canned food is bad for their teeth? Seems silly, now. Anyway, my next question is about dogs developing allergies from over exposure to a certain ingredient. I’m planning on rotating between different flavored kibble and brands. But, I will probably almost always use the Kirkland cuts and gravy canned food as a topper. It is such an awesome deal. However, both varieties contain chicken, so they will never have a big break from chicken. Will that be a bad thing over time? I do use other brands of canned now and then. But, mostly the Kirkland. Thanks for any opinions you may have.

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    The information I have been able to find about over exposure to ingredients seems to be talking about intolerances due to an unhealthy gut, so rotating foods enough to keep a healthy gut seems more important than any one ingredient. Making sure of a good source of pre/probiotics is important too.

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    Thank you for your reply. That is what I was hoping to hear. I do purchase probiotics and enzymes fairly regularly. My family has been supportive of my new dog food obsession. Lol! It’s funny with our previous dog, we pretty much fed the same kibble forever. We had a big gulp cup from 7-11 in it. And just filled his bowl twice a day. Now I have two bags of kibble, kept in original bags, inside tubs with lids. I have directions above tubs hanging on walls, with details on exactly how much to feed each dog at each feeding with the measuring cups I have in the bags. Just in case I’m not home and my husband or one of my kids is here to feed them. Again, thank you and I won’t worry about using the Kirkland cuts and gravy for too long as long as we are rotating kibble and using digestive supplements occasionally.

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