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    Debra F

    I am beginning to think my two-year-old black lab pit mix has a potato allergy. She has one ear that gets very dirty and smelly. She has been on Back to Basics Lamb and Potato as her main dry food (I supplement with other flavors). As we all know by now B2B is going to stop producing dog food by the end of the year so I have been researching other quality, limited ingredient foods. It is nearly impossible to find a dry food that does not contain potatoes.

    Additionally, I believe she has a problem with berries. When we first got her we put her on Blue Wilderness grain-free which contained berries. She had very back digestive problems so we then switched her to B2B.

    Has anyone had issues with both potatoes and berries? I am not putting my dogs on a raw diet so please do not suggest this.


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    Deb B

    Hi Debra…have you looked at ACANA food…we just switched our lab to the senior formula ( she’s 12) and she loves it, I believe a few of their foods have no potatoes. Good Luck!

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    Acana is a good one to look at, their Singles formulas are potato and berry free actually. I was going to suggest Zignature as well since they are grain and potato free, but it has berries. I think most foods do, but I really have never paid much attention to the berries. What makes you think shes reacting to berries as well?

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    It is not nearly impossible to find a potato free food. Go to the “Dog Food Ingredients” forum, on top, highlighted in yellow, is a stickie of Grain & Potato frree foods. Use it as a starting point as ingredients may have changed.

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    Hi Debra F-

    Try this tool: http://www.dogfoodwizard.com/

    This may be very helpful. Good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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