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    I have a german shepherd x Belgian shepherd. He is allergic to:
    Potatoes (very)
    Anyone have a suggestion for a dry food? Right now we are feeding Natures Instinct but would like other options.

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    Any particular kind of fish that he’s allergic to? And do you mean white potato? I was going to suggest Nature’s Logic which has sardine meal in. Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance. Great Life Grain Free. Canine Caviar grain free Buffalo or Open Sky, I and Love and You Red Meat Medley (has herring meal).

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    I would say Natures Logic too if pup is ok w/ sardine. My boy can’t have salmon or white fish but does fine w/ sardines. He’s doing great on NL beef formula.

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    Hi Pug Mom Sandy. Thank you for your reply.
    The fish allergy test was for a mix – Catfish, Cod, Herring, Mackerel and White fish and it was considered significant (280 out of 400). We were told not to give him any Omega 3’s from fish oil.
    The potato is white potato but as a significant allergen (291), the vet suggested avoiding sweet potato also.
    Thanks Freehold Hound. I will check with the vet to see if sardines would be OK.

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    Go to the Dog Food ingredients sub forum, at the top is a stickie of grain & potato free foods. You’ll have to find the foods website and see which ones don’t have the proteins your dogs can’t have but it’s a start.

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