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    Kim M

    I have been going crazy researching foods that DO NOT have flaxseed or pea/pea meal in them. I have been told by many breeders that I need to get my bitch off the food I feed her (Annamaet Option) and on a food that has no flaxseed or pea/peal meal in it. Ha that has been a full time job. Along that same line I also need to get her off the Vet Formula MissingLink I give her for over all coat / joint supplement, it has Flaxseed in it.
    I also have 2 dogs (uncle/niece) who have yeast issues. They are on a Probiotic and a rotation of Pollock and Salmon oil. So when addressing the above issue with my breeding bitch I also need a food that will not produce sugar that feeds the yeast.
    Any help out there.

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    Try this program that was created by a poster on this website: http://www.dogfoodwizard.com. You can check off ingredients that you don’t want in the food. But, still double check the label as there were still a few “bugs” last time I used it.
    Good luck!

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    Are you trying to eliminate flax because of its phytoestrogen properties?

    One of my dogs cannot have flax (among lots of other things), but he’s fine with peas. So, these foods are flax free, but you’ll need to check for peas in them: Addiction Viva La Venison, Canidae Pure Sky (Diamond, I know yuk!), The Honest Kitchen Thrive, First Mate Chicken and Blueberries, Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear (original formula, not “Singles.”).

    Flax is frustrating, I know. It’s everywhere, isn’t it! My dog gets terrible loose stool when he eats flax. Do try the Dogfoodwizard.com like C4C mentioned. I asked the site creator to add flax and last I looked, it’s an option on the search tool.

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    Kim M

    Yes eliminating flax because of the phytoestrogen.
    But they also say that Peas/Pea Meal should be eliminated for the same reason, they are a phytoestrogen.
    Thanks for the list of foods I will check them for peas.
    I will check out dogfoodwizard.com.
    Thanks to you both for your replies.

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    Serena C

    I am looking into this at the moment and can find very little information. I am going from site to site breaking down what my girls are getting and this might be an answer now to why we are not coming into season.

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    Dog Pack Mom

    WOW! Thanks for the link to dogfoodwizard.com. That may really be useful.

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    Hi! You’re welcome! Hahaha! That was almost a year ago. Have you tried it? Was it helpful?
    I haven’t tried it out for a while.

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    Dog Pack Mom

    Hi crazy4cats,
    I tried it the other day when I first learned of it and it seemed to work fine. Now for the last couple of days it doesn’t seem to be functioning. The check list of possible ingredients doesn’t appear so selections can be made.

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    Vince C

    Some of the manufacturers list Omega 3’s 6s and flax is the source. Victor Yukon Salmon in one of them and I believe the other victor flavors are the same. The rate is 1gm/cup by per dry cup by volume.

    Since I started using it we haven’t been able to get a dog pregnant using a leading university for Theriogenology.
    Flax and chick peas are estogenic….having estrogen. I too am looking for a grain, flax and chicken free substitute without animal digest.

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    Dennis S

    Farmina is a 5 star food without pea and flax. Check it out.

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    Crystal P

    Their also a food now that is phytoestrogen free. Sportdogfood Elite series. It is also 5 stars on here and recall free.

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    Not sure if Grandma Lucy’s “Macanna” product line qualifies but it’s pea/flax free.

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    Ruby F

    I don’t believe there is any flax or pea proteins in any of their kibbles. I know there is no pp. That can cause long term permanent intestinal damage. This company is family owned since 1969. Never been recalled. All U.S.A. sourced. Made in NY. Warehouse not even open weekends, so order beginning of the week. Free shipping over $99.00 & the original formula is chicken based @ $60 per 40 lbs bag.
    They have small bites, & several other formulas.

    Anyway check it out. If you order there use promo code emf and you will get 20% your first order. I raise boxers & they do pretty well on this. I prefer raw, however I lost my sources when I moved… sigh.

    Flax decreases fertility. Our average litter is about 8-9… our smallest ever is 6. Fertility is going to be strongly connected to diet & overall health.

    Good luck!!

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    Bobbi K

    Based on a post here, I purchased the Farmina thinking it was pea free. It’s not. It clearly says pea fiber on the ingredients It also has yeast and linseed oil. I thought their website said vegetable oil free. I wish I would have done the research myself. Also no organ meat
    I am kind of intrigued by the sporting dog brand. Anybody have experience with that. Lots of sweet potato & yam. Other than that really clean. No peas, chicken, flax, beans/legumes, yeast, vegetable oils and of course graind

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    Dog Pack Mom

    Bobbi K, if your talking about Wholesomes Sportmix my pups did not tolerate it well. Lots of loose poo.

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