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    Rhonda W

    My 14yr old dog is generally healthy, but has had arthritis for years. We have been giving him glucosomine and I feel as though it has helped but as he ages it doesn’t help as much and, at his age, I worry about cancer.
    I have heard about flax seed being good for people , but after much research I find it’s good for dogs too! Most people use it with lowfat cottage cheese for best results.
    I have found many different recipes and sites. I am considering whether to make it myself or buy some pre-made.
    There are options. Out of the retailers I like Buddy Custard the best-due to recipe and reviews but I was hoping to hear from someone who had used it. They have donated some product to animal rescue groups-which I also like. The flavor is peanut butter-which my dog is not a fan of but I think they may have another flavor.
    Anyway, if anyone has used Buddy Custard or has any other feedback about flaxseed oil and cottage cheese I would love some feedback and thoughts.

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