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    Anita S

    My dog Kia is exercised two/three times a day ( running for ball) but has flakes throughout her coat. There are time when she is continuously biting, scratching, gnawing herself. Ending up with several hot spots. Mostly on her back hip area. I’ve tried vet recommendation of Prescription Hill diet for nearly two months ( very expensive), but she still kept up with the scratching, gnawing, and hot spots still developed. I do give her one tablet of Mega Red for the Omega benefit at least every other day. Seems to help some, but the scratching, gnawing, biting still happening and hot spots are still present. When one heals, there is another somewhere else on her body. Not sure if its her food ( Blue wild grain free both dry and can) or allergies from something else or maybe anxiety( but from what? She is a well adjusted female dog who is loved) Please help. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration to this matter.

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    Definitely sounds like a food allergy. I’ve been in your shoes before and it can be frustrating. You might end up taking her back to the vet to do more tests. Before you do that see if you can talk to them about another food. The Hills is not just expensive but I’ve found its not the best with ingredients. I would research some other brands that are out there.

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    Vet did the same to me. Never went past the 1st bowl of prescription food, it was disgusting. 5 star Zignature Zssentials has no chicken, potato or egg and the results were immediate, the quality & smell is just like Orijen Adult. I also switched to chemical free Aroma Paws jasmine honeysuckle shampoo. It continues to work even after towel drying from a million swims in the chlorinated pool, dandruff is a thing of the past.

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    Terrie S

    I have a 7 year old Llewellin setter that began furiously chewing his paws about a month ago. He also scratches and chews other places. I tried Benedryl, then antibiotics but am stumped. His feet are sore and his litter mate is running circles around him. I have ordered some grain free food to try. Any ideas? Thanks, tstoller, new member.

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    Sounds like it could definitely be environmental allergies. It wouldn’t hurt to start a diluted vinegar rinse and clean his feet each time he comes in from outside.

    How old is your pup? What’s he eating and how long has he been eating it?

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    Terrie S

    He is 7 and has been on Solid Gold lamb and rice. After watching the Dog Food Advisor I see that Solid Gold does not say “Complete and Balanced” and also has lamb meal and fish meal which are no-nos. Thursday we moved from California to Montana, so environmental conditions have changed. I am thinking food allergy yet there are not changes in his diet. Something just triggered the paw gnawing.

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