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    Freddy w

    i have 4 year old german shepherd
    With fistulas
    My vet says feed her no grain – no potato dog food
    So I’m looking around for the best of the best for her
    I was feeding tractor supply 4health dog food no grains
    But she also can not have meat I was told
    If you have any ideas please let me know !

    Thank you so much

    I’ve never delt with this issue before so I appreciate your help

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    What kind of fistulas? Are they related to allergies? Blocked anal glands?
    My dog with allergies does well on Nutrisca (fish), assuming your dog can have fish, I know it contains no potato or grains. Wysong has a vegetarian blend.
    I may start getting my Nutrisca from because the prices are better.

    I like Wysong and consider it to be a quality food and still feed it to my senior dog. However I noticed my dogs seemed to be drinking more water, so I worried that maybe it’s high in sodium? If that’s a concern I think someone at their company could answer your questions.

    PS: Consider consulting a homeopathic vet, they may have some treatment ideas different from the traditional vets Some of them do phone consults, if there isn’t one located near you.

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    Freddy w

    Hi LM
    No not related to allergies at all according to the veterinarian
    Also no blocked glands he checked for that
    At first that’s what he thought.
    Yes chewy is a great online store
    To get dog food
    I don’t see why she can’t have fish I’ll look in to that
    It also has to be A single source of protein only dog food
    But thank you Sooo much for your help LM
    I certainly do appreciate it !

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    Freddy w

    Forgot to mention to you
    I’m feeding her Acana duck and pear
    But for some reason she does not care for it..

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    Have you considered a homemade diet

    I have never tried Acana, can she have a little bit of plain homemade chicken broth poured on the dry? I have heard good things about Acana, but some of these foods are expensive. I can’t get beyond the price tag.

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    Freddy w

    Yes as a matter of fact I have thought of that
    And may just do that
    But I think I’ll try that nutrisca you mentioned
    That looks pretty good

    Thank you

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    Nutrisca had a recall recently, salmonella. None of the dry fish foods were involved, it had something to do with the chicken.

    This didn’t bother me and I will continue to buy their product, but I thought I should mention it.

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    Freddy w

    Yes I read that
    Thank you LM
    I think I’ll give it a try (fish)
    Ooo yea by the way your right Acana is like 72.00 a bag right now
    It’s a lot of money
    Not that she is not worth it

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    I know what you mean, I had to take one of my dogs to a specialist/dermatologist $$ for her allergies.
    But it was totally worth it, the maintenance isn’t that bad at all. If you find something that works….

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    Freddy w

    I Want to thank you for your help
    I did not expect such a quick response
    From anyone

    Thank you

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