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    I’m confused about fish oil dosage. My vet recommended adding Nordic Naturals to my dog’s diet.

    My dog is about 15 lbs. I’m not sure which product to buy. Do small dogs need more Omega-3 than large dogs?

    The dosage for soft gel for 20 lbs dog is:
    Omega-3: 310 mg
    EPA: 150 mg
    DHA: 90 mg

    The dosage for liquid type for 10 – 19 lbs dog is:
    Omega-3: 460 mg
    EPA: 147 mg
    DHA: 202 mg

    I am confused to why the dosage for smaller dog is higher than 20 lbs dog.

    I am also open to recommendations of other brands.

    I have some Kirkland fish oil at home. Can I use it instead of the ones above?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    The dosage for softgels is smaller because they are assuming less degradation. The liquid goes bad faster. Go with the softgels for fish oil.

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    Thanks Pattyvaughn!

    Should I give him the whole get or puncture it and try to give the dose based on his weight?

    Should I be worried of overdosing my 15 lbs dog if I give him the whole gel dose for 20 lbs dog?

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    If I’m giving a capsule that is a higher dose, I will give the whole capsule but then only give it a two or three times a week. I’ll buy human fish oil capsules to use on me and the dogs. Once in a while, they get a whole raw sardine too.

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    Since it isn’t over by much, I would probably give it 2 days out of 3, or something like that.

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    Thanks everyone!

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    The National Research Council has established the safe range for dogs to be 20-55mg (combined EPA/DHA) per pound of body weight. In some cases, the suggested therapeutic dosage for certain conditions might be much higher, but in those cases you should consult your veterinarian before proceeding in order to help determine the risks/rewards associated with such a dose.

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    Pam D

    Just wondering what dosage would be if you’re giving them only sardines – 15 lb

    thanks so much for this!

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    I don’t know if the info is on the can, but you need to give 100mg combined of DHA and EPA per 10 lbs of body weight. A rough estimate is to replace one meal a week, if you feed twice a day, or the equivalent, spread throughout the week.

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    I was advised by my vet to give a dose with a bare minimum 1500 EPA mg for a 76 lb young dog for dry itchy skin/coat, degenerative joint disease.

    I prefer to use Grizzly’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, and that is about 5 pumps/day over food of a 16-32 Oz pump bottle in my fridge. I love this brand.

    This is in addition to high Omega 3, low ratio Omega 3 to 6 food.

    I tried another brand when it was donated to a dog as rescue foster, also wild Alaskan salmon, but the Omega 3 content was much lower as were the EPA & DHA. And it was smellier. My only *guess* for VERY different Omega 3 content was different varieties of wild salmon used.

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    catherine j

    I have a blue pit bull and i was wondering if i could feel her regular spring valley 1000 mg softgel fish oil to her to help with her skin allergies?

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    Why not? I give my dogs 1 fish oil capsule a day, maybe it helps.

    Latest Review Finds Fish Oils Don’t Help Dementia

    Read the comments, you may find some helpful information.
    PS: It is a food supplement, not a medication….not sure how accurate the dosages listed would be anyway.

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    It won’t help a bit of he’s intolerant of fish.

    Have you conducted an elimination diet to determine if the problem is food related?

    Fish oil can help with inflammation, but too much fish oil can be unhealthy.

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    I have one dog that takes the 1200 mg double potency (720 omegas) human fish oil daily due to arthritis but I also have a foster that is allergic to fish and breaks out in a rash if she is given any fish in any form, not matter how little the portion. DogFoodie is right. It’s a great anti inflamatory, as long as the dog can take it. You also may need to supplement with an occaisonal dose of Vitamin E, if it’s not in the fish oil supplement you are using. There is a very delicate balance between fish oil and Vitamin E. Please research before giving.

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    Barbara I

    Can someone please tell me how much fish oil to give my 5 pound toy Pomeranian

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    “Some non-veterinary formulated supplements may not be appropriate for your dog, they can even be harmful – please contact your veterinarian whenever using such supplements to make sure they are appropriate for your dog”.

    I would put a call into the veterinary clinic that knows your dog and ask for a veterinary brand of fish oil recommendation. Be sure to confirm her dosage according to weight.
    PS: Also discuss with your vet as to why you want to add fish oil, and any health concerns.
    Maybe fish oil isn’t necessary for your dog?

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    Krista B

    How much fish oil should I give if I’m using coconut oil too? I’ve been using one Nordic naturals pet omega 3 daily but I wanted to now add coconut oil. The dosage I’m giving says it’s good per 20 lbs but it’s 1/4 tsp. Of oil which is 10 calories. I also wanted to give 1/4 tsp. Of coconut oil which would be another 10 calories. Should o rotate these instead of giving them on the same day. The fish oil dose seems rather big for a dog of only 20 lbs so I don’t know if it would be good to add more oil. 1/2 tsp of oil seems like a lot for a 17 pound dog.

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