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    I’m sorry, this is about cat food instead of dog food…

    But I recently started Maddy on canned food, and she’s on Natural Balance right now. I noticed in her fish formula (tuna, whitefish, and salmon I think), there are lots of little white bone pieces. Is it good to have bones in the food, or should I try to look for varieties that have deboned proteins in them?

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    The bones are a superior form of calcium and the way they cook them should leave the bones soft and digestable.

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    That’s good. I thought the fish bones were great for animals, just wanted to make sure. Picky Maddy sometimes spits them out, but she usually eats 80-90% of them.

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    Valarie I

    I see hard white fish bones in my dogs food. Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish (small breed) They are not soft they are like hard plastic. Is this healthy???

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    I would not continue to feed this product.

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    I would avoid it because fish bones can be very dangerous. I’d rather find a different food, the good thing is there are plenty of options that don’t pose such a risk.

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    Oliver W

    Hey. There are many articles on the Internet on this topic. But they all advise against giving bones to dogs. Because bones can injure the intestines when, and even puncture it. And often dogs choke on such bones

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