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    I have a 2 yr old Pit Bull mix. His palate is so humanized that if I give him diced BBQ rib meat (rinsed, no sauce) as a topper consecutively, he’ll walk away not interested. My husband started giving them human food and I told him constantly this would happen. We can’t afford different gourmet toppers for each and every meal, WE don’t even eat like that. Now he’s lost interest in Orijens, Acana, Wellness Core…….all the top food brands. Yes, I’ve tried the “take it away if he doesn’t eat”, he doesn’t care, won’t touch it, starts starving. AND he’s the one who exercises and runs all day (his brother is the chunky, lay around, eat everything dog). Short of letting him waste away into an anorexic frame of a dog, I’m at my wits end. Help.

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    Mgt Terry D

    My GSD/Wolfdog is the same way !! Currently feeding Wellness Core Dry I should say trying to feed…I have to add cooked chopped beef with veggies ( green)) for him to eat .
    Have tried to add variety with Taste of the Wild Dry and canned Wellness Core Bison/Venison…he walks away
    I also have a Rottweiler who eats anything! As puppies I fed twice a day dry only then occasionally added healthy food toppers…or mixed with canned : Taste of the Wild and when they where bored with TOTW I switched to Kirkland Natures Domain canned and dry which my WD loved but found I needed to cook his food and mix it in order for him to eat.
    Now they both eat only at the dinner hour about 6 PM I should say my Rottweiler eats and my WD once every three days and it has to have cooked meat included. the WD is underweight ..I am at wits end to.. and looking forward to any suggestions you should receive. Thanks for letting me include my problem with yours

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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