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    Nancy M

    I can’t seem to find any brand of tripe (regardless of formula or flavor), that does not have carrogeean as an ingredient. Is there any out there? Why is this ingredient necessary? Is it really harmful? What’s an alternative?

    Thanks for your input and suggestions.

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    Are you willing to order a box of the real stuff? My Pet Carnivore, Hare Today, and Texas Tripe all have frozen green tripe with nothing added.

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    Also GreenTripe.com is carried by some retailers and there is freeze dried tripe (of course, this is the most expensive). If you’re worried about carrageenan, don’t feed canned products every day. After all, alot of canned products also have BPA!

    Dr Harvey’s, K9 Natural, Vital Essentials have freeze dried tripe. I use Merrick 96% tripe and frozen tripe.

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    If you feed canned tripe, Trippett is the only one with 99% tripe; the other ingredient is garlic and of course that stupid carra gum. Fresh raw green tripe from aplaceforpaws.com is awesome. Expensive though. I get mine from Top Quality Raw which is based in Maryland but makes a food run up the East Coast (I’m in NH) once monthly. Basically its a food club, I guess. But it is grass fed beef and bison and now sheep tripe.

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