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    D J

    Is there advice regarding what kinds of foods are better for small dogs? I’m adopting a terrier-Lhasa mix dog around 2 years old.

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    I admit to not having dogs that small but as far as I know, they can eat the same as any other size dog. Hopefully, if I’m wrong, someone can correct me.

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    They will eat less than a large/giant breed dog and some like the “small bites” or a smaller size kibble, but I’ve known many who can feed a normal size kibble with no problems. Other than that I’m not aware of any specific diet requirements for small breed dogs.

    If someone does, maybe they can share.

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    My Cavalier can eat virtually anything. She loves raw and does very well on a high protein, moderate fat diet with a bit higher fiber. That’s my toy breed though – yours could very well be different. When she eats kibble, I try to choose those that are smaller pieces. Although she eats Orijen, which is one of the biggest, with no problem. You can always give dry food a whirl in a coffee grinder if you want to make it smaller. The great thing is, it’s a bit easier to feed them higher quality foods because they eat such small portions. Just be careful, because it’s very easy to overfeed a small dog. There’s much less room for error when you’re only eating 300-some calories per day.

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    Cotons mom

    I have 2 cotons both 1-1/2 years old. I only feed raw to both of them and have found out that a total of 1/2 cup of food per day per day is all they need (1/4 per meal for each). They are at a great weight, happy and have beautiful teeth.

    Just remember to slowly convert your new dog to whatever you do decide to feed him/her.

    If you feed kibble see what size kibble he is being fed now and maybe you can use this as a guide to what he will be able to handle down the road.

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    gigi s

    I too have 2 Coton De Tulears. One is 11 and the other is 3 months old. The older dog eats, Ziwi Peak and Archetype burgers and Natures Instinct raw and boiled chicken

    The puppy came with food from the breeder – all natures instinct. I am cutting out the freeze dried kibble and just giving her the Natures Instint frozen raw Chicken or Lamb mixed with Flee Free and vitamins and a little fresh boiled chicken and a few Ziwi peak pieces to introduce her to that brand.

    They also get other vitamins and buly sticks and Bravo freeze died turkey hearts and venison liver and chicken breast and turkey breasts

    What do you think?

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    gigi s

    Also the puppy gets canned Natures Instinct as well..she loves the salmon..

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    I have three toy dogs. Maltese, Maltipoo and a Yorkipoo. I have been feeding them commercial raw frozen diets for the past 4 years and are all doing phenomenally well. I feed twice a day each getting between 2.5 & 3 % of their weight broken up into two meals. I use a cheap digital kitchen scale that I bought on Amazon. For treats I give them bits of fruits and veggies. No pits or seeds in anything, please. I don’t feed any grains, soy, corn, potatoes, rice or poultry (one of my girls is intolerant of all fowl). I feed all three high protein, moderate to high quality fats and low carbs. Oh, for size comparison, Maltese weighs 7.3 lbs., Maltipoo weighs 6 lbs. and my Yorkipoo weighs 5 lbs. Keep in mind that when you feed commercial frozen raws though initially they may seem expensive, you feed less than when feeding kibble. My soon to be 16 years old Maltese acts like she’s more like 6 or 7 years old. The other two are 6 years old and think they are still 2 year olds and act like it too. Which is a good thing. Also keep in mind the savings that you get also from not being at the vet everytime you turn around with some ailment or other. My two 6 year olds go once a year for physicals and my almost 16 year old goes every 6 months for senior blood work and physicals.

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    Dori – good info on the frozen ..raw. And chicken…my Olive – Yorkshire Terrior 10lbs…approx. 18 mths …loves boiled chicken but I’m worried too much chicken isn’t good for their skin. Something about histamines or something in them. I’ve made Olive ..turkey meatballs and just hamburger meatballs with an egg and some oatmeal. She loves these.
    Anyone mix chickpeas w/carrots in their dogs kibble?

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