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    Lola D

    we have 8 week old puppies 8 of them and well I have never done this before so it is all learn as you go….they have begun eating dry food and I cannot find anywhere that says how much I should be feeding them….they are part Blue Heeler and something else….can you help me to figure this out I want healthy puppies

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    Hi Lola-

    If you are feeding them as a litter, from a single pan, you need to be sure all are getting their fair share. When we have pups to deal with, we would estimate according to the food, how ,much each should eat(by brand) and then add a few cups to that. Also, I never feed young pups dry food-I soak it a bit, just so they do not choke.

    They should be fed three times a day at this age. Any food they did not eat in about 20mins time, we picked up, put in fridge and used it at the next feeding-but not longer than one day as pups tend to play in it-so breakfast leftovers would be added to lunchtime, lunch leftovers to dinner, dinner leftovers to trash. If you find you are having too much left over, then you are feeding too much-reduce the amount,but not the frequency.

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    Lola D

    I really appreciate the helpful advice, I still don’t know how much to feed them….currently we feed them about 1/2 cup each 3 times a day….they are definitely not underfed just want to make sure that I a not overfeeding them, they play outside all day once they gather on the porch and I can no longer get out the door, I bring them in and let them nap, when they wake up I feed them and about 20-30 minutes later when they are so loud I can no longer hear myself think out loud I once again let them out to terrorize the “puppy proofed” back yard, just about an 1/8 of an acre.

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    For foods that don’t have special instructions for feeding puppies, I guess at an adult weight and feed that amount per day, split between the meals, and sometimes puppies that young still need a fourth meal or just a little bit of food to tide them over overnight.

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    Again it depends on the brand you are feeding. You need to look at the bag to determine amount. Pups require quite a bit more than adults and you need to increase it as the pups grow. What does the label on the food say? What are you feeding them?

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