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    Cara H

    I am feeding natures variety instinct salmon recipe right now which is around $80 a bag. I want to keep similar ingredients. This is the only one that has kept her from being gassy. I think it was too much of any potato, even sweet potatoes. Must be fish based and no potatoes of any kind. Any suggestions?

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    Cara H

    oh and grain free

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    The only ones I can think of are Nutrisca, Live Free, some of the Great Life.

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    Zignature too.

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    Have you checked out Nature’s Logic? They use millet as their binder. I think it is a little cheaper, but still wouldn’t consider it as budget friendly.

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    I second Zignature. It is an absolutely fabulous food.

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    Suburban Gal

    “Any suggestions?” -Cara H

    NutriSource makes a grain free kibble called Seafood Select. No white or sweet potato in it. It’s also salmon based.

    A 30 LB bag of it runs anywhere from $45-$55 a bag.

    I found a 60 LB bag online for around $95.

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    Cara H

    I will look into these suggestions. Thank u!

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    Cara H

    Looking at natures logic. Emailed company to see if they offer trials or coupons. Looks good in ingredients!

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    Hi Cars,

    I’d take a look at Victor. They do have a fish based food called Yukon River, but it also contains sweet potato. They have lots of other varieties that include fish, but aren’t fish based.

    You also mention it had to be fish based. Is there a reason for that? I ask because fish based foods are more readily subject to rancidity than other proteins. Great WDJ article about that here: http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/15_12/features/Fats-Chance_20658-1.html. if you must buy fish based food, buy the freshest you can and only as you need it. Don’t stock up on fish based kibble.

    Now, if you’re wanting fish based for the added Omegas, you’re far better off adding fresh, whole food ingredients, such as tinned sardines two or three times weekly to a meal of kibble.

    Here is an amazing little download written by Steve Brown, who also wrote the article I linked to above: http://www.seespotlivelonger.com/home/sll/page_41/see_spot_live_longer_the_abc_way___electronic_down.html. The download costs $2.95, but it’s worth its weight. It explains the advantages of adding fresh whole foods to your dog’s diet and how doing so, even one day per week in place of ameal of kibble, can make a huge difference in your dog’s overall health!

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