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    Holly C

    I own an adult small breed and recently adopted a large/giant breed puppy. What is the best food to buy them. I would love to do raw but can not afford it nor do I have the time to prepare it. I would like to be able to buy them a dry kibble with the occasional wet food, but having a lot of issues finding an appropriate brand. There is a local feed service store which supplies Diamond Naturals grain-free, Loyall, Holistic Blend(currently switching to this brand from Loyall), Summit, and Nutram along with very crappy brands like pedigree and purina. I would love to feed them a 4 star minimum. The small breed is a 16 pound Pomeranian/Shih-Tzu/Poodle male, neutered and the large/giant breed is a 12 Week Shepherd/Mastiff. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Large breed puppies have special nutritional needs, which you can learn more about in this article: /best-dog-foods/best-large-breed-puppy-food/

    There is also a topic about this in the forums: /forums/topic/large-and-giant-breed-puppy-nutrition/#post-62904
    If you go to page 15 and scroll down, there is a post by Hound Dog Mom with a google doc containing a list of acceptable foods.

    As for your other dog, look around at the reviews of four and five star reviews and choose a few brands. Study the brand’s recall history to make sure they are not recently or frequently recalled. If they are not available locally, then you can order online, some sites that are popular are chewy.com pet flow.com. Stay away from doggiefood.com. It is best to have several brands and formulas to rotate between, because no dog food is perfect.

    Good luck, I know it can be overwhelming and confusing looking for good dog food. Feel free to ask any questions!

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    The Editor’s Choice also has a list of recommended foods that meet guidelines for large breed pups. And if the kibble is small enough, your adult small breed can eat it too.

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    Ken D

    Don’t you think 16 pounds is too much for a small dog like pomeranian? if you look at the size of full grown Pomeranian https://teacuppomeraniandog.com/full-grown-adult/, it weighs 3-5 pounds. Your Pomeranian must be obese if it weighs that much weight. I recommend you to visit veterinarian and ask him for a good diet plan to balance your dog’s weight. Obesity is not a good sign, as it can cause several health problems.

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    Johnah R

    I use Purina Pro Plan, but Science Hill is also a good choice. You have to make sure it’s grain free though. Majority of these large dogs have heart issues.

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