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    Hello, I am trying to figure out what to feed my 11yr old Cushings shih tzu 18 lbs hes a big shih tzu lol hes not overweight. I was trying Honest kitchen Force and he was loving it but started throwing up all the small food chunks and I found that even though I was rehydrating per the box instructions I was having to add much more water which made the food even bulkier and I think it was just too much food for his little belly. He was on Natures Variety Prarie dry mixed with canned instinct but I am really look to switch him to high moisture content food. Hes on Trilostan 30 mgs a day has elevated liver counts and his kidneys are deteriorating but not compromised yet hes very stable for now but ravenous for food all the time. So looking for any advice in feeding this type of dog would be very welcome Thanks in advance

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