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    Robert W

    I have 20 year old miniature dachshund that has lived a very full and happy life; now he has lost all but one tooth and can’t eat dry food, so I have switched to canned food. My question is what is the best “wet” food that I can give him? he still is very active and run’s around the house like a 4 year old, but, does like to sleep a little more time now. Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you!

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    I soak the kibble in water overnight in the fridg, then I add water prior to feeding.
    I don’t like canned food, too greasy.

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    Ps: If you have a dog that has made it to age 20 and is in good shape, I wouldn’t alter whatever you have been doing (diet wise) too much!

    What dry food have you been feeding him?

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    wow, thats a great age! For canned, I’d try a few different types: some are smushy pate style, some are really hard & some are stew type. If this was my dog, I’d try some The Honest Kitchen (dehydrated) or Grandma Lucys (freeze dried).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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