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    kathryn B

    I am new puppy mommy and want to give the best to my little lhasapoo, so I am reading up on foods, nutrition and so forth. Am I getting this right: A 72% fat to protein ratio is not as nutritious as a 50% fat to protein ratio, right? Why would there be a “highly recommended ” food with a 72 percent fat to protein?

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    Patricia A

    Kathryn congrats on your new little puppy. The ratings are for the WHOLE of the brand. I stick with enthusiastically recommended for what’s it’s worth. But I only get the proteins/flavors for that brand that have the 5* rating. I use Stella’s and Primal freeze dried with Stella’s kibble in rotation of proteins and grain free and also grain inclusive. I got my two Chihuahuas’ SLOWLY used to this rotation. So if you notice DFA rates Primal enthusiastically recommend even though SOME of the proteins/flavors such as chicken is rated low. I believe it’s because it’s higher in fat. These brands also have lower carbs which I like in a food. Hope this helps.

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    Puppies have a higher fat/energy requirement. Some will say 50% FPR is ideal for adults. If you look at the GA on some dry foods for puppies (growth), you will notice they have a higher fat content.

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    Check with your vet but I believe this would be a good choice for your puppy, Fromm has other puppy formulas too, stay with grain-inclusive.

    Stay away from boutique brands. Your vet will explain why.
    BTW: Feed the pup whatever he has been eating for at least 2 weeks to a month, then gradually transition to the new food.

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