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    Bonnie M

    I have a long haired Dachsund who will be 2 years old July 8th. He has been very picky about his food since I’ve had him. He is a little overweight and his coat is not shiny. I give him a pet vitamin daily.
    When I opened the bag of Dr. Marty’s food, his ears perked up. I let the food soak for 3 minutes and his eyes never left me. I put the food down, turned around to lock the food bag, and by the time I turned around, the food was all gone and his tail was wagging.
    I paid $1,200 for this puppy, and my feeling is that if you have pedigreed dog, the cost is worth it.
    I’m in hopes that his coat will become shiny and that he lives a long long time!
    Thank you Dr. Marty….you are Liam’s hero!
    Bonnie MacAllister

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