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    I subscribe to an independent supplement testing service called They mostly test supplements for human consumption but they sometimes test pet vitamins. Recently they tested a dog multivitamin called PetNaturals Daily Best for Dogs. This vitamin failed their test because of too much lead in a daily dose, less vitamin C than claimed and and a smaller than claimed weight per vitamin. I use a different named vitamin called Canine Plus Senior for Dogs but it’s manufactured by the same company. They manufacture under various names. The company is called Vetri Science Laboratories a division of Food Science Corp. I noticed recently that the pill I give my dog has shrunk in size too even though it’s supposed to be the same. When talking to the company rep I’ve always felt they were being evasive to my questions. I’m going to try to get a refund on my vitamins because of the poor test results. Thought you should be aware of the lead problem.

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    Thanks for posting.

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    Wow! Thanks for posting this. I have those Pet Naturals Daily Best for dogs, and I’ve gone thru about half the bag with my dog, although I haven’t given them to her in a while. I’ll be throwing the rest in the garbage. Thanks for sharing!

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    VetriScience? I thought they were an above the board company.

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    They must have used a bad source and not tested it. I guess they aren’t above broad anymore.

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    Hmmm….this is a company I have trusted. My holistic vet even sells their probiotic mega and I’ve bought some from them. Whenever I’ve used the probiotic mega it has worked for my dogs. I also have used their Cardio Strength supplement.

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    I use their probiotics as well. I recently contacted them with a question and they were very prompt and courteous with their reply. I’m not ready to throw away my bag of probiotic chews just yet.

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    Has anyone gotten an update on this? I use three Vetri-Science products, including their probiotic chews. If their quality has fallen off and seems to be less of a slip and more of a trend, I would like to know so I can stop using them.

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    I am the original poster and as to any update there is none so far. As you can imagine has to test hundreds of products from different manufacturers and pet products are not their priority. They do update but it usually takes quite a long time. One of the products that passed muster was the Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM combo from Nutramax Labs for joint relief for horses and canines. Pet Tabs Original Formula Vitamin-Mineral Supplement for dogs dist. by Virbac AH Inc. was the only multi. that passed. That’s about all I know at this time.

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    I don’t use many supplements at all, not on any kind of regular basis anyway. The vetri-science probiotic chew was one that I have used though. Still have about 1/4 a bag or so after over a year.

    One reason i chose that brand at the time was because they have or had the National Animal Supplement Council seal and logo on them. But i don’t know, maybe that was a just a false sense of security.

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