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    Miyako K

    I want to ask if anybody received the dry dog food via online pet food company which the expiration date was passed already when you received.
    I already received 4 times and the online company is a famous company and reputation for good customer service. However, I was just told as Return the product and they ship the replacement . I returned and got the replacement but it was the same old expired dated food.
    I contacted the online retailer and their answer was maybe print mistake by the manufacturer. It should be 03/2023 but misprinted as 03/2022. This is prime food, $33.99 + Tax for 8.8 LB bag. Anyway, I don’t know what to do with this old products.
    Is anyone received those expired dated products via online company? What did you do for the products , especially, they shipped the same old products as the replacement again?
    Is that safe to give my dog? I can not return again because it is really heavy to carry and get subway to go to FedEx store (We have no FedEx store near home and have to drive or take subway). The online store just allow to return via FedEx.

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    Riley W

    Yes, it happened to me that I received expired products, and it was a regular practice for that online shop, I guess. Because when I complained, they just told me they’d make an exchange. And I also ordered one of the https://www.catfoodpoint.com/best-grain-free-cat-food/ premium foods, as we avoid wheat because of allergic reactions. And, of course, the same as in your case, it’s not at all convenient to do the exchange every time. It all ended with the fact that I had to find another shop. I actually don’t really know if it’s safe to give such expired food to pets, but I’ve never risked.

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    Reginald B

    Hello, Miyako K. You can follow it to resolve the problem: /dog-food-reviews/happy wheelswellness-dog-food-super-5-mix-dry/

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    abdul J

    I know expired date dog food is very harmful to any dog, but I can suggest you to go these sites and read everything about your problem solution:https://dogfoodninja.com/

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    Gen S

    It happened to me that I received things that had beyond their expiration date, and I believe that this was a common practice for that internet company. Because in response to my complaint, they simply informed me that they would create a replacement.
    https://www.catfoodpoint.com/best-grain-free-cat-food/ penalty kick online

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    Jolie K

    The situation concluded with me needing to locate a different store. I’m not entirely sure if it’s safe to feed pets expired food, but I have never taken the risk. https://dogfoodninja.com/watermelon game

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