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    I wanted to start a topic on these dogs, from newstories of record breaking oldest dogs to dogs we’ve known to live well beyond the breed average life span. I’d like to see what we can learn.

    The GSDCA, national German Shepherd Club, does something simillar recognizing long lived GSDs and trying to learn all factors that they have contributed to long live/good health: diet, exercise, health care, genetics in dog’s background, etc. For example, one of my family’s showlines GSDs lived 15 yrs 8 mos, which while not setting some world record, is extraordinarily long lived good health for the breed, where even 13 is considered long. Other national breed clubs/their health foundation wing may have something similar.

    So please list any dogs in the news you come across or not in the news you know about. Please list as much information known about the dog as possible, food and beyond to other factors that might have given a greater chance for longer life.

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    1)CHILLA Cattle Dog/Black Labrador Mix 32 yrs

    Diet: Fresh food, cooked; “boiled leftovers such as potato peels, cabbage, egg shells, with a soup bone” + 1 x week commercial can dog food and biscuits

    Owner: David Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia

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    Article on Longevity in Dogs:

    Life Spans for Popular AKC Dog Breeds, per World Atlas of Dog Breeds:

    Labrador retriever — 10 to 14 years

    Yorkshire terrier — 12 to 15 years

    German Shepherd — 10 to 14 years

    Golden retriever — 10 to 12 years

    Beagles — 12 to 14 years

    Boxers — 11 to 14 years

    Dachshunds — 12 to 14 years

    Bulldogs — 10 to 12 years

    Poodles — 10 to 15 years

    Shih Tzu — 11 to 15 years

    Miniature Schnauzers — 15 years or more

    Chihuahuas — 15 years or more

    Pomeranians — 13 to 15 years

    Rottweilers — 10 to 12 years

    Pugs — 12 to 15 years

    German shorthaired pointers — 12 to 15 years

    Boston terriers — about 15 years

    Doberman Pinschers — 10 to 12 years

    Shetland Sheepdogs — 12 to 14 years

    Maltese — 15 years or more

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    Above: Pusuke was a Shiba Inu Mix. I haven’t found any other info on specific of her care & diet. Her owner simply said “‘plenty of love, plenty of good food and regular check-ups at the vet’s’.”

    5)Sako Med-Large Mix; identified variously as Labrador-Heeler-Staffordshire or Kelpie Mix; 21 yrs

    Diet: Nature’s Gift, which owner calls a “fantastic food”

    Owner: Maryanne & Tony Wilde
    Melbourne, Australia

    6)Chanel Wirehaired Dachshund; 21

    Diet: Cooked Chicken & Multigrain Pasta, mixed with commercial dog food
    adopted from a shelter as a puppy; owners had previous experience w/dachshunds
    elder care: wore protective goggles for cataracts; t shirt/sweater for cold & dog booties;
    daily exercise & time out; last yrs used a buggie on longer walks

    Owners: Karl & Denice Shaughnessy
    Port Jeferson Station, New York

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