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    Hi all.
    I have been round and round the dog food debates for over 20 years and have fed homemade, kibble, canned, freeze dried, raw, and premix. Right now my senior Papillon with CHF and my 8 year old collie with an unstable gastric system are both on Essex Cottage Farms Gastro formula. Every dog I have put on this food has done extremely well. Yet…it does not appear to meet AAFCO or NRC standards. I do not know if it is complete or not. The science eludes me….but I am wondering if there is any feedback on this issue I might use.

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    I’ve never heard of it. Are you in the US?

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    Those are the only places I have found it also. I think it is made by a Canadian company. I have never tried it because they don’t provide a guaranteed analysis or anything saying they meet the AAFCO or NRC standards. Have you tried emailing or calling them? They provide an email address and phone number on their website.

    From what it looks like, I think it’s like a premix. I think it will only be complete and balanced if you prepare it exactly like the directions they provide. I would however still like to see an analysis of the prepared food to make sure it is complete and balanced.

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    If you poke around on the ECF website long enough you will find a link to Urban Wolf food.
    They state on the website that it meets and exceeds the AAFCO guidelines. They also provide a nutritional analysis comparing the prepared food to the AAFCO guidelines. If you look all the way at the bottom of the page, you will see that it is made by ECF.

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