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    Hey guys! In the next few years I’ve decided that my next dog will be either an English Bull Terrier or a Pit Bull. It all really depends on what finds me first, and finances.

    Since you can get pits here all day every day, I was hoping you guys could help me out with finding the best place to get a bull terrier. The only rescue I’ve found does not keep their website up to date (http://www.bullterrierrescue.org), so if anyone could point me toward an active one, that’d be great (I didn’t have much time before class to dig much further).

    Quite honestly, though, a rescue is my second option. I know that Bull Terriers can be very head strong, so I’d be looking at a puppy if I couldn’t find a local-ish rescue I could handle. So that leaves me also looking at breeders. I’m happy with this one:


    But that’s as far I’ve been able to research so far, in the last 15 minutes I’ve had time to. If anyone has thoughts on this one, and any others to add, that’d be great. I’d also like some tips for buying from a breeder, what to look for, what some red flags are, your experiences with buying from (any) breeders, etc.

    This is all a year or so off in the future, so I’ve got plenty of time to scoot around and mull things over, and find the best breeders and rescues. I live in Florida, so please keep that in mind when recommending anything. I don’t want to go to California for a puppy :p

    I’m typing this in a hurry before class, so feel free to ask questions I may have left out 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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