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    Liver enzymes decreased for a year on vets herbal meds She has been on herbs for arthritis that worked very well. Liver Then increased and she was put on Hills l/d Not thrilled but enzymes came down a bit. Then began having gastric issues –diarrhea and gas –was diagnosed with IBS. Has been on Tylan powder for months. Finally improved when arthritis worsened and a week of Tramadol brought painful gas and diarrhea back. I took her off Tramadol (vet agreed) Exercise helps arthritis more. She is on herbs for IBS also.
    She also gets big meatballs of Evangers Lamb and Rice canned twice a day to disguise herb caps. She does not love the Hills. Have to add a little of whatever. evangers other dogs get. She gets pieces Stella and Chewy freeze dried Dog Food patties as her treats. (Rabbit). I like that but a little pricey for all 7 rescues but I would do it for her but am afraid to take her off Hills She leaves some Hills on her plate in morning but will eat Evangers and Stella. Vets are just not aware of all foods and content. She is 11 lab mix.

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    My only advice is to find something other than Evangers. There have been to many complaints about them leaving meat rotting in trailers for me to believe that it hasn’t made it into their food, especially because of all the other shady things they have done. I would worry that even though the rotten meat has been heated enough to kill off the bacteria, it wouldn’t neutralize the toxins that the bacteria produce. I just wouldn’t trust that company.

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