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    We feed Kirkland cuts as a base food and would like to find a reasonably priced food that we can begin rotating it with. One issue is that we have an 80# APBT and 3 other assorted little guys, so that can be a great deal of dog food =) I went to petco & found the premium canned dog foods were about 3$/can. I’d like to try to get away with 2ish$ per can if I can. We just added Petfresh also.

    I went to BJ’s today and found ‘Earth’s Pride Pet chicken dinner’ 6 cans for 8.99. The trouble is that I can’t seem to find any reviews or information about this food online. It says no by-products, artificial preservatives, no artificial colors or dyes, no corn, wheat or soy.

    I’m interested in opinions of this food, though not in relation to Kirkland cuts or Petfresh (hope that makes sense) Here ingredients are as it appears on the can in the order it appears on the can:

    chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots, peas. sweet potatoes, whole ground brown rice, whole ground barley, oatmeal, guar gum, salt, flaxseed, blueberries, cranberries, potassium chloride, carrageenan, cassia gum, iron proteinate, manganese proteinate, riboflavin supplement, sodium selenite, calcium iodate, thiamine mononitrate, niacin supplement, calcium pantothenate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin b12 supplement, potassium iodid, biotin, vitamin d3 supplement.

    crude protein min 8.50%
    crude fat min 4.0%
    crude fiber max 1.00%
    moisture max 78.00%
    ME (calculated) Kcal/Kg 1,140.00
    ME (calculated) KC/can 421.80

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    R Corsol

    I’ve been asking for a review of the new Earth’s Pride item at BJ’s as well but haven’t seen one yet.

    I am currently using the Earth’s Pride Pet Foods and really really really love them! I had moved off of the Costco brand to Blue Buffalo which I was paying a fortune for because my dog’s didn’t do well on Kirkland despite the good ingredient deck. When the BJ’s dry foods came out I was skeptical because the disparity I saw between Kirkland and Blue Buffalo.

    Because of that I wanted to asked questions about the food and was told by BJ’s that their food is made by a company called GlobalOne pet. They provided me this e-mail address [email protected] to contact them. Upon my asking they told me they peroxide value test their meats, they don’t buy farm raised fish, they said they did all the little things that I guess made a difference in the more expensive foods vs. Kirkland. We currently use the Grain Free Duck but have used the Chicken and Lamb as well for the dry and my dogs are doing great and LOVE IT! We use the wet as well as a treat sometimes and man they are doing great on it as well. Best part it’s a terrific value still, (although not as cheap as Kirkland).

    Hope this helps!

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    I also feed my dog (60lb black lab/hound mix) Earth’s Pride Pet dry dog food and she is doing GREAT on it! I do also add a nupro supplement to insure she gets all her vitamins but from the research I put into finding her a quality, not to highly priced adult food it looks like the canned equivalent is a good choice. What you want to see in a dog food is meats listed first, thus the chicken, chicken broth and chicken liver would make up the highest percentage of ingredients in that canned food. You dont want to see anything like corn or corn syrup listed in the first few ingredients. This canned food also seems to have a lot of fruits and vegetables which is a good sign, and brown rice is an easily digestible carb for most dogs (again much better to see than corn). In my opinion I would say this is an above average quality canned food for your dog. I think it’s on par with a lot of the higher priced wet foods you find at pet stores. Dog Food Advisor does have a review for the Bj’s dry dog food if you wanted to take a look… /dog-food-reviews/berkley-jensen/

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