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    I am wondering if anyone knows where and how Earthborn Holistic food is made? And where the ingredients are sourced from? I can’t find information about the company. The website seems to be focused on how earth-friendly the packaging is, but doesn’t have a lot of information about the actual food!

    My dane mix has a sensitive stomach and I have trouble keeping weight on her. She tends to have somewhat loose or large stools on many foods, even high quality ones supplemented with tripe and probiotics. She’s otherwise healthy, high energy, and has regular vet checkups.

    I was feeding her a mix of acana and earthborn, and she was doing very well and having very small hard bowel movements.

    However, I’m totally paranoid with so many companies having recalls, and so many high quality dog foods being taken over by bigger companies with low standards.

    Does anyone know any further information about this food, or the company it is made by?

    Where is all that tasty bison coming from??

    Thank you!

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    Bison aren’t available everywhere. Have you tried to contact the company?

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    I believe that Earthborn is still co-packed by Midwestern Pet Foods.

    If you have questions about their products, give ’em a call. I called them once and was very pleasantly surprised to find their customer service excellent. I felt they answered all of my questions without hesitation. When I called, I specified that I had nutritional information questions and spoke with their veterinary nutritionist on staff who was more than happy to patiently talk with me and answer my questions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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