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    Laurie E

    I have a bichon poodle mix that should weigh less than 10 lbs. She’s over weight so I want to start by changing her food. I was feeding her Eukanuba but recently transitioned her to Excellence reduced fat dry which I’m feeding my lab (she’s lost weight since I switched). Any suggestions for a small breed dry food to help her lose weight?

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    There are a few that I would use. Wellness has a Small Breed Healthy Weight and also Core Reduced Fat. The problem with Core RF is that the kibble size is pretty big for some small dogs. I prefer the Small Breed. Annamaet also has a grain free food called Lean that is good. Victor has a food, while not really a weight loss but billed as a senior food, it would still be a good one to feed for weight loss. Fromm has a food in their 4Star line called Whitefish and Potato that has less fat and fewer calories that might work, as well. These are just some suggestions. You could always just feed a lesser portion of her current food and add in some green beans (fresh cooked, frozen or no salt canned) as a filler to make her think she’s fuller. I hope this helps and I’m sure others with more knowledge than me will post later.

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    Amicus by Horizon Pet Food had a senior/weight management formula.

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    Laurie E

    Thank you for the suggestions! This is very helpful.

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