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    John H

    Looking for dry food that others have had good results with for senior dogs. No major health issues, etc. just looking to be able to offer my senior Vizslas–age 10 and 11, a different food that may tickle their taste buds. Thanks.
    John Heycock

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    You dont need a senior food. Most of them are too low in protein. Senior dogs need higher protein. Orijen senior is the exception; very good food. Any high quality, higher protein food is what you want. Head over to the review side & choose a 4 or 5 star food.

    Foods I like are Annamaet, Dr Tim’s, Farmina, Natures Logic, Acaca, Orijen

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    InkedMarie is right, but transition slowly if you’ve never rotated your dogs’ food before. A good idea for all dogs, including seniors is to add some fresh or wet food. It will keep them more hydrated, which is important for all the organs body functions. It’s helpful for seniors as their sense of smell tends to diminish as they age.

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    Hi John-
    What are you currently feeding?

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    Hi, Holistic Select Senior digest easy the protein-26% fat-10% fiber-3.5% & has 3 proteins… as dogs get older sometimes high fat & high protein diets can cause problems like pancreatitis, acid reflux so keep that in mind…..Holistic Select Guaranteed money back

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    Nutrisca dry as a base works best for my 15 year old small breed. I thought canned food would be better, as he only has a few teeth left….but, no, smelly gunky stuff all over his face and constipation.

    Back to Nutrisca kibble soaked in water overnight with a spoonful of topper mixed in, 3 small meals per day. Perfect.
    I guess the seniors do need a little bit more fiber. Make sure you brush their teeth once a day so that tartar doesn’t build up and lead to infection.

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