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    Nicole R

    Hi…my dog is 6 years old..a Jack Russell..we just had his teeth cleaned (so that is not the issue)…he has horrible FISHY breath..and I think it is his wellness dry dog food. He has been on wellness for about 4 years…and does fine..however his breath is fishy…someone told us that it could be because the Omega 3’s they use are sourced from fish…they do not say they are from fish on the label…however…they must be. The flavor food he eats is Chicken and Oatmeal. This is the food:


    so if anyone knows of a food that does not have fish or Omega’s from fish oil please let me know..OH I do not want BLUE BUFFALO…


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    Sheila H

    Hi-My dog is allergic to many kinds of fish, like cod, haddock, salmon and she even reacted to salmon oil in one food I tried. I recently found Annamaet dry food. It contains menhaden fish oil for omega-3 and so far so good. I believe elsewhere on this site they discuss menhaden oil. Good luck.

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    Sheila H

    Hi again-
    I was interrupted and lost my train of thought on my first post. Menhaden oil is used in human fish oil pills and humans don’t like to have fish breath.
    Also, this company has this posted on its website:
    “New to Annamaet, our products now contain algae! Algae is a stable and totally sustainable source of Omega-3 fatty acids.” I assume algae smells better than fish.

    I also have never smelled a fishy odor on our dog.

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    Hi, yes the Wellness Chicken & Oatmeal does use White fish as an ingredient, it’s the 9th ingredient, so I’d say that’s where the fish smell is coming from. When Patch was eating the Wellness Complete health kibble, I noticed that Wellness Complete Health kibble stunk of fish real bad so did Patch he stop eating the Wellness White fish & Sweet potatoes….

    I feed the “Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal” & there’s no fish in this kibble they use canola oil for the omega’s, also there’s no fish or fish smell at all in the Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal, Duck & Oatmeal & Turkey & Potato all have no fish oil or fish meal in their kibbles also the Wellness Simple is guaranteed so if your dog has any problems you can take it back.

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    Susan W

    VeRus has a Cold Water Fish formula that uses Menhaden fish. Remember that your dog actually needs Omega-3s for a healthy coat. VeRus’ Cold Water Fish formula actually smells like FRESH fish – not disgusting fish. My little mutt eats it, LOVES it, isn’t itchy anymore, and her breath only smells [fresh] fishy right after she eats. I’m really impressed with this food.
    Their website is http://www.veruspetfoods.com. There’s a form you can fill out about your dog and they’ll get back to you on recommended food. There’s also a LOT of good info on their page.

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    My search is b/c my German Shepherd is allergic to all things fish. I had been using Publix Premium dry but they recently added omegas and he is back to being allergic. I am on a quest for a new dry food if anyone has any ideas.

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