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    Danielle R

    I use Kirklands Signature Puppy Dry food for my 11 month old boxer, and feel it’s a high quality food. However, she has so much “yard waste” and I am looking for a quality food that possibly has less fillers, or whatever causes this excessive waste. My last boxer of 10 years had only half as much. Any suggestions? I had heard that Nutro helps with this, but yet it’s rated less than the Kirklands. Thank you!

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    Orijen. Check chewy.com for reviews. Or, Nutrisca for a limited ingredient food…I actually mix the two for one of my dogs, with good results.
    Don’t free feed, feed twice a day, measured amounts. Pick up and store in the fridg if not eaten within 10 minutes and offer at the next mealtime.

    Are you sure you are not overfeeding? Try smaller amounts. Sometimes, less is more.
    Add a splash of water to the kibble. Most dogs don’t drink enough water.

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    Dogs bowel habits differ, just like people. I have one small dog that has 3-4 small bowel movements per day, regardless of what she is fed. She is not overfed. It is what it is.

    Usually 2 bowel movements per day is the norm, I did have one small breed that just went once a day and that was normal for him.

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    Susan W

    VeRUS has a puppy formula for large breed dogs (who will grow to be more than 60 lbs) and a smaller (average?) puppy formula. I’m very happy with their adult foods. Maybe you should try them. If you go to their website (http://www.veruspetfoods.com) you can fill out a form and they’ll send you samples. The samples arrive quickly and have a lot in them.

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    Hi Danielle-

    The ratings on this website do not reflect disgestibility or bioavaialability of nutrients. These things are far more important to consider than a star rating. Also keeping in mind you will need a large breed puppy food. I would take a look at Dr. Tim’s Kinesis (not grain free) and NutriSource Large Breed Puppy.

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