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    Edward Z

    I have 4 Samoyeds a female (7 yrs) a male (5 yrs.) a male 3 yrs. and female (2 yrs) old. They are presently on Purina Sport 26/16. I would like to switch them over to a 5 star dry food with guarantee minimum protein of 26% and a company NOT OWNED BY A LARGE COMPANY like Purina. Any suggestions?

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    Check chewy dot com for more information and reviews.

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    I like solid gold. Barking at the moon and sun dancer are two good varieties.

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    I like Fromm but the kibble can be small for some dogs, depending on the flavor. I also second the solid gold recommendation.

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    alma C

    Victor Performance Dog food…

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    joanne l

    is your dogs doing good on pro plan? If so I would stick with it. Just b/c its made Purina doesn’t mean its bad. I have bad kibble before from high end brands and better ingredients. I am not telling to not to switch, just my opinion. And another thing is, that it is hard to fine one food that makes all the dogs happy.

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