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    Mira R

    My dog had a very bad experience with dried beef trachea. She has enjoyed them in the past with no incident. A week ago she chewed on onein the e, under my supervision, without a problem -which is usual. In the middle of the night I heard her stirring but she seemed OK. By 6 am she was cowering in the corner, lethargic and would not eat (which is unusual for her). We were at her vet by 9:00 am and then to Mass Vet Referral Hospital for blood work and x rays of her abdomen – she is diabetic so no one wanted to take any chances. Everything looked normal and we were sent home with instructions to come back in if she still refused to eat. She started coughing in the middle of the night and still refused to eat. We went back to the hospital and the coughing alerted the vet to do a chest x ray. Lodged in the bottom of her esophagus was a piece of the dried beef trachea. It was removed by an endoscope but since it was hollow and stuck to her esophagus, which was badly damaged She is still in the hospital being fed through her nose and she will have a tough time to recovery, many endoscopes and we hope that her esophagus will heal so it will not leak. The dried trachea normally dissolves – but it did not. I want other dog owners to know so that this does not happen to their dog.

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    Hi Mira R-
    What a horrible thing to happen! I’m so glad you were persistent at finding out the cause of her misery. Thank you for the heads up and I’m hoping and praying for a complete recover of your pup. I have fed these to mine in the past and most likely will never again as I could see how that could happen with dogs who tend to gulp and swallow without chewing much.

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    Leonard G

    Hi Mira R that’s horrible. PROMISE Pet Treats make sprinkles which is ground beef liver in powder form. Looking at doing the same with trachea cartilage and milling into a powder. Great for pups and dogs of all ages. Takes the risk out of what you have alerted to happening. http://www.promisepettreats.com.au

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