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    I am curious as to why everyone seems to love Dr. Tim’s. Is it the price point? I am not sure. When reading the ingredients for their Kinesis GF formula, it seems to have a lot of ingredients that I would not want to give to my dog. Most of the ingredients are dried. It has beet pulp, salt and canola oil. It has a very long list of added vitamins and minerals at the bottom…I understand that some vitamins and minerals have to be added to make a complete and balanced diet…but it just seems like this food has more supplements added to it than good ingredients in the food with the natural occurring vitamins and minerals.

    I haven’t fed my dog this brand but don’t really see why I would want to. I have seen people suggest this food to others as a good quality dog food and can’t figure out why.
    ****this is NOT an attack on Dr. Tim’s****I just want to know why it is so highly recommended. Am I missing something?

    I feed my girl Orijen, ACANA, Primal and Stella and Chewy’s. I know that a rotational diet is good for dogs so I have been trying to find another brand that I think is as good as Orijen.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Amy –

    People like Dr. Tim’s because it’s a solid 5 star food that’s made by a very reputable manufacturer and has never had a recall. The majority of the reviews I’ve read from people that have actually used it tend to be positive. Dr. Tim’s also has some of the best customer service of any company I’ve ever interacted with. If you call you will almost always be able to speak with Dr. Tim himself.

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    Amy, here is an excerpt from Dr. Tim’s Website:
    “Why Dr. Tim’s?

    Our chicken meal is antibiotic free with no added hormones.
    Dogs and cats flourish on meat based proteins; our proteins are 87% animal derived.
    Our omega 3 fatty acids are mainly of ocean fish origin; ocean-derived omega 3 fatty acids are more effective with dogs and cats than plant-derived omega 3 fatty acids.
    Dr. Tim’s protein, fat and carbohydrate ingredients are of North American origin – always.
    Our starch digestibility is 95%.
    Low ash proteins assure the highest grade of protein is used to benefit your pet.
    Externally applied probiotics and prebiotics in the diet help your pet’s gastro-intestinal tract healthy – the start of your pet’s immune system.
    Kinesis All Life Stages and Pursuit Active Dog formulas are appropriate for large breed puppies and large breed adult dogs.
    To ensure safety, each batch is tested for salmonella and not released until a confirmed, negative result.”

    If you visit the website, you can learn about all individual ingredients as well, and see how they apply to the dog’s nutritional needs. Also, he uses a lot of meat meals, but they are much richer in protein than is fresh meat alone. And not everything is dried – the chicken liver and porcine plasma are not dried, and a lot of the vegetables aren’t either. Plus what HoundDogMom said about their customer service.

    I have fed Dr. Tim’s Kinesis grain Free in my rotation and I am pretty happy with it. I would feed it again, or even the Momentum or Pursuit formulas as they are meat-heavy regardless that they have grains, and luckily for me, I don’t think my little guy is allergic to grains, as his diet has always been about 75-80% or more grain-free, mixed with a grain-inclusive kibble and he has done fine.

    So it really is up to you. It is a good, affordable 5-star kibble in my opinion.

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    I can’t say anything, HDM & Naturella pretty much cover it all. My Brittany did very well on it.

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    Thanks for the info. I did visit the website before I posted my question. Just wanted some other opinions. Thanks again!!

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