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    I found Dr. Harveys on the dry food review and its freezedried. I can’t find a review for grandma lucys. I wish the freezedried food could be put in a category the way the raw,dry and wet is. So confusing to me.

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    I found them on the list of all foods.

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    Mike Sagman

    Both Grandma Lucy’s reviews have now been tagged as “dry” — and due to server caching, it could take a few hours before you can observe these changes.

    However, according to Dr. Harvey’s website, Oracle appears to use freeze-dried meats. And there’s no indication the food itself has been freeze-dried.

    The reason we have (so far) not created a special category for freeze-dried dog foods is that there are other non-kibbles that would also need their own dedicated categories.

    This would create categories with fewer than 10 competing products.

    For example, some dog food companies claim their products are “baked” while others insist their foods are “dehydrated”. And yet others say their recipes are “air-dried”.

    In any case, almost every one of these products share the common physical characteristics of other dry dog foods in that they each contain approximately 10% moisture.

    So, we have chosen to lump them all together as “dry” dog foods — and then tag them for future custom search functions soon to be added to our website to allow users to create their own custom lists to find what they want.

    Hope this makes sense.

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    It does and thank you for this wonderful site. It has helped me tremendously!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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