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    Jo Anne G

    Anyone use this food or familiar with Dr. Choice food. And any comments or thoughts

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    Do you mean Doc’s Choice food? If so, here is the link to the DFA review: /dog-food-reviews/docs-choice-dog-food-dry/

    Honestly the ingredients don’t look to great to me at first glance, with Chicken By-Products, Corn, and Wheat being the first three ingredients. You could get a much better food for the same price. Of course, you could also do much worse than this food, and the protein is pretty high which is good.

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    I don’t want the protein that i feed my girls coming from chicken by products, corn and wheat. I don’t feed anything with by products in it. Not to mention the protein is too low for my liking. Take a look at the 4 and 5 star foods on here.

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    Same. While I suppose protein from those things is better than no protein, you can do a lot better. I like how Dr. Mike puts it in his article on why you shouldn’t trust the stated protein content:

    “Say you’ve got a pair of old leather boots… some used motor oil… and a scoop of sawdust.
    Now, grind them all up… blend them together… and send that whole concoction to a food testing laboratory… for analysis.
    And the results? This toxic medley of rubbish contains…
    Protein 32%
    Fat 18%
    Fiber 3%”

    Here’s the link to the full article: /choosing-dog-food/dog-food-protein/

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    Or do you mean, Doctor’s Finest? http://www.doctorsfinest.com/category_s/61.htm

    Dr’s E’s RX Limited Ingredient AKA Doctor’s Finest, is made by Great Life. Great Life is a bit sketchy, they should’ve issued a recall a while back and never did.

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    I don’t trust Great Life at all.

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