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    Vanessa M

    Hi All-

    I’m interested to hear any advice anyone might have regarding a good brand of kibble and/or supplements to help my 5-year old Goldendoodle with his long-standing gastro issues.
    A history (I’ll try to keep it brief!)
    – He has never LOVED eating; will often leave at least one meal/day. Have had to add chicken or coconut oil to entice him to eat
    – Used to have a history every few months of getting diarrhea/vomiting bile for a few days. We would do chicken & rice, probiotics, and have altered kibble to figure out what’s causing it.
    – We had him on Castor & Pollux Ultramix- seemed to work well but then the history of diarrhea/vomiting bile would come back. Thought maybe it was the fat content of the food?
    – Switched to Orijen Fit & Trim as it had lower fat content. Dog did great on it but we were warned against being on it too long because it’s meant for overweight dogs and might not have the complete nutrition that our dog needs
    – Switched to Orijen Regional Red in July- dog LOVES eating it. He started pooping MASSIVE poops IN the house (very unusual for him). Pudding-like consistency, disgusting. I consulted with the pet food people who recommended lowering his daily amount (he’s quite lazy) and letting water inflate the kibble before eating. He became ravenous, like he wasn’t getting enough to eat and the pooping continued.
    – We just switched to Acana Duck & Pear (single protein) at the advice of a pet store clerk due to the lower protein amount in the food (since he’s lazy, he doesn’t need the high protein that Regional Red has?) He has since become constipated and super uncomfortable overnight, asking to be let out frequently from 2am onward.

    We have tried probiotics, goats milk, etc. He hated the goats milk and certain probiotics seemed to make things worse. He checks out at the vet fine, but I’m certainly not opposed to another medical check-up. We have a bag of Science Diet Gastro that the vet gave us when we have issues and he does well on it, but I doubt that’s a long-term food. Otherwise, the vet doesn’t have much to say in terms of kibble, food, etc.

    I’m just wondering if there is a food out there that might better serve him?? We are really at a loss and feel so bad for him!

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for any advice (large or small!) that you might be able to provide.

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    What were the results of his latest annual vet exam? How long ago? Labs within normal limits? Does the dog have a diagnosis regarding gastrointestinal problems?
    What did the vet advise?

    “but I’m certainly not opposed to another medical check-up. We have a bag of Science Diet Gastro that the vet gave us when we have issues and he does well on it, but I doubt that’s a long-term food”

    Some dogs do stay on a prescription food for the rest of their lives.
    I would defer to your vet, after all, no one here has examined your dog.

    At age 5 a large breed is close to being a senior. Please go see your vet. Further diagnostic testing may be indicated.

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    Hi Vanessa,

    My boy has IBD & Seasonal Environment Allergies..
    Have a look at dry food that has Sweet Potatoes & Potato seem to help dogs when they have diarrhea/sloppy poos & stomach related probems…
    Look at

    “Canidae Pure Wild Boar” Page 3

    “Canidae Under The Sun” Large Breed is low in Kcals per cup 328Kcals per cup.
    UTS is on Canidae’s first page.

    “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult

    “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato

    Wellness Core Large Breed Adult really help my boy when he went down hill with his Allergies causing a bad IBD flare about 1 yr ago, its low Kcals 346 per cup

    My boy is eating Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato kibble at the moment, it’s Summer here & the Wellness Simple is for skin & stomach problems & has 1 single meat protein & has limited carbs, the Wellness Simple Turkey Protein % is 26min% -28max%,
    lower protein then the Wellness Core formula’s.

    Wellness has “Nutrient Profiles PDF” you can see the proper max % fat, protein, fiber, carbs, ingredients etc…

    I’d try one of the Wellness Simple formula’s.
    Wellness have a palability money back guarantee so if he wont eat it take back & exchange.. Wellness smells pretty good & my cat pinches Patches Wellness Kibbles & she wont eat her meal now the little bugger..

    Or look at Raw – Stella & Chewy Patties or Raw Freeze Dried Kibble its like kibble he will lose weight eating a raw diet & might be more interested in his food..
    Just stay 14% & under for fat, low carbs & low kcals per cup for weight ..

    Start adding Tin Salmon or tin Tuna in Olive Oil, add 2 spoons to his meals, this will encourage him to eat, dogs normally love fishy foods & the Olive Oil will help with his constipation also boil some Pumkin or Sweet Potato pieces freeze them & take them out of freezer as needed they freeze & thaw very well, I put 1 piece of Sweet Potato in micro wave 5-8sec…Pumkin & Sweet Potato settle stomach..

    I wonder if he’s getting “acid reflux” 2am?? This is the time acid reflux starts early hours of the morning with dogs, have you tried Zantac or Famotidine a acid reducer? given twice a day 20-30mins before he eats a meal? ask vet can you try it might make him more comfortable thru the night & could be why he’s not keen on eating food he gets bad acid reflux afterwards??
    Labs normally LOVE their food… I’d stop the Coconut Oil as Omega oils can cause acid reflux.

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    joanne l

    Hi Vernessa, I have two foods in mind, 1. Natures Instinct LID diet and you can rotate the flavors, or Merrick LID and rotate the flavors because maybe he needs to be rotated and these foods you can do this and they are not too rich. I know a few dogs that did great on these two foods. I hope your dog gets better soon. There is another which I am trying now is Holistic Select it is for digestive health. Go on chewy and see the reviews with the ones I mentioned. A lot of people with dogs that have issues did great on the first two I mentioned and look at the reviews on the other one. Hope it works out.

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