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    I have found VetPro5 Kangaroo & Vegies, invented by a vet, (probably just a market thing to sell more cause its made by a vet).. in the dog & cat fridge section in supermarket, they’re little bite size balls in a 800gram tray, the little balls look cooked, this is what its says Guaranteed Composition per 100grams
    Crude protein min-13% Crude fat min-8% Omega-6 min-1000mg, Omega-3 min-200mg, DHA & EPA min-20g, Lutein min-3mg, ,
    Ingredients, Kangaroo, chicken, turkey, high protein cereal blend, vegetables (peas,carots,beetroot) vegetable oils, gelling agents, vitamins & minerals, marigold extract, yeast, salt, parsley, fish oil, green lipped mussel extract,
    This is where I don’t understand, when I read a kibble bag, it will say protein min-23% fat min-10% but it doesnt say per 100grams like the VetPro 5, I dont know what kibble is based on, is it per cup, the Guaranteed analysis..
    With this VetPro5 Kangaroo & vegies would it be like a wet tin food & if converted to a kibble the fat % would be very high at 8% fat….

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    Does it give the moisture percentage? You need that yo convert.

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    I just got an email from VetPro 5 & its not recommended for dogs with Pancreatitis, when converted to dry matter its 21.8%–25% fat, oh well, lucky I never bought it & gave to Patch..I was hoping to find a soft wet meal as well as the kibble, he recommended Hills i/d Gastro at 13% fat, I’d rather stick with the Wellness Simple & Eukanuba Intestinal then Hills…He said they’re always getting emails for a low fat meals, U’d think that they would invent a low fat kangaroo meal…. I’ll have to invent one lol

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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