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    If you are using Chef Michael’s Dog Food, or thinking about using it for you dog, no matter what breed please read my story:
    I have a large breed BlueTick and was trying to ‘budget’, save money, I’ve had dogs all my life, never used Chef Michaels, but found a good deal when on Chef Michaels. Began feeding her the recommended serving. Yes, she did eat it. Then I took her on her to walk hours later. Pure diahreah *sp?*. Didn’t think that the food may be causing the diarheah together until DAY 3 when she almost passed away, STRAIGHT TO VET, because she had had so much diareah outside, then she couldn’t even control her bowels inside (very very unlike her!!!!).
    Then it got so hard for her to even walk, THIS FOOD WAS KILLING HER, no she didn’t ‘get into anything’ or eat something she shouldn’t have. I am a telecommuter and keep a watchful eye on her. Had to take her to a 24 hour vet, because she was so bad off I had someone carry her to the car (I thought she was going to pass away). They examined her, the only change in her life was the food (I’ve changed food before, never a problem). The vet said that if I kept feeding her the same food, she wouldn’t get better she would get worse, they xrayed her, thourghly examined her, stool sample, took blood, gave her fluids. She was very close to getting BLOAT, which can kill a dog in one hour.
    Vet prescribed her some light food for her tummy for a few days in small amounts, then I was to give her what I did before the Chef Michael’s junk food – INNOVA, IAMS for treats. Little by little she regained strength, luckily I had a very caring vet, who monitored her for a very long time, spent lots of time with her, then the vet tech sat with me and my dog.
    Please, if you use this food, STOP, it almost killed my dog! After every test they did IT WAS THE FOOD! As she is very well taken care of, has been for years, yes I tried ‘budget’ dog food, my mistake. I repeat CHEF MICHAEL’S DOG FOOD ALMOST KILLED MY DOG.
    Thank you for your time.

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    chef michaels does suck

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