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    Rosangela d

    Hello, Everyone!

    I have a furbaby Yellow Lab that has an ear infection for a while now. I used to trust a dog brand that in the end proved not to be healthy to him.
    I just upgraded his food to Wilderness. Now I came to understand that home cooked is better and I will make the gradual change and add a supplemental.
    My dog has been suffering from an ear infection and I have been trying different things. I now that the previous food made it easier to happen.
    I bought expensive medicine prescribed by the vet and the infection is back. Maybe a certain supplement may end the infection. Any suggestions, please?

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    I would go back to the vet, as soon as possible. You have to treat the infection first. Chronic ear infections are of a symptom of environmental allergies. Talk to your vet about what diagnostic testing is indicated.
    He may refer you to veterinary dermatologist for intradermal skin testing.
    Supplements will not help. Prescription ear drops. (antibiiotic and steroidal) will.
    Use the search engine here to look up “environmental allergies” and see my posts

    I would not ignore the infection. More serious problems could occur. This is not a do it yourself. Go to the vet.

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    Dermatology – Common Issues

    See excerpt below, click on link for full article

    Ear Diseases
    Otitis externa is the medical term for ear inflammation. Most cases of otitis externa also have an infection that is causing the ear inflammation.
    The structure of the ear in dogs and cats can make them more prone to ear infections. The ear canal in dogs and cats is longer than the ear canal in people. The ear canal is also “L-shaped” with vertical and horizontal parts.
    Because only some dogs and cats develop ear infections, other conditions often contribute to the development of otitis externa and ear infections in your pet.  Allergies, parasites, and masses or tumors can all cause ear irritation and infection. Allergies are the most common cause of ear infections in dogs and cats. Since an ear infection can be secondary to an underlying problem, it is often important to diagnose and treat the cause of the ear infection while treating the ear infection.
    An ear infection can develop into a severe health problem for a dog or cat. Left untreated, ear infections can spread deeper into a pet’s ear (middle ear infection) and cause permanent damage to the ear canal (ear canal mineralization). Some chronic ear infections can develop resistance to antibiotics and become untreatable with medications.

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    Mary G

    I agree with the advice given about otitis externa. Please do not keep switching dog foods as that will only help with nutrition but not with the possible underlying condition. If you do not trust the vet, you might want a second opinion but do not decide on a change on a diet unless specifically authorized or instructed to do so by a professional. Do not take risks with your puppy’s life as an infection might lead to septicemia and that is deadly.

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    Rosangela d

    Thank you Anon101 and Mary G for your messages.

    I went to different Vet in the area and I saw a lot of “selling” but not much of true will to heal.
    I will try another Vet. Anon101, thank you for the link. I will try one here in SWFL, Gulf Coast Vet Services, connected to ASPCA.
    I will not change the dog food, Mary G thank you for the input. Maybe a blood exam can help ID the source of the infection.
    THank you all for your information! When I opened the email today, it was a beautiful surprise!
    Chevy, the Spoiled Lab, thanks you all! lol

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    I have used Zymox for my dog that used to have recurrent ear infections. For my dog, feeding him a raw diet without produce worked for him. He’s had, I think, two infections in five years, always during humid weather.

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